Your own satellite television truck in a backpack.

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  • Turnkey hardware solution available today directly from Livestream
  • Built-in wireless connection, encoder, battery and touch screen
  • Six load-balanced 3G/EVDO modems included with data contract
  • Power up, plug in any DV camera and press one button to go live
  • Highest Quality - Up to 1 Mbps H.264
  • Ideal for sporting events, city hall meetings, paparazzi, university graduations, transmission from a moving car, weddings, ceremonies and a variety of enterprise applications.

How Livepack Works

The technology aggregates the bandwidth from six built-in 3G modems in order to get the highest possible available bitrate. Maximum redundancy and reliability is achieved even if one or two of the networks are not available or have very poor connectivity (i.e. the technology can usually get a high quality stream out to the Livestream Platform).

Fully integrated with the Livestream Platform

  • Dedicated IP
    Stream directly to your Livestream channel with a dedicated IP address.
  • Camera Mixing
    Your feed appears just like any camera source in the Livestream Studio - ready for mixing with other live sources.
  • Archive
    Your live stream is recorded on the Livestream server for on-demand replay.
  • Works with Premium
    Designed for all Livestream Premium Plans (learn more).

More Info


  • Livestream Livepack is available for monthly or yearly rental directly from Livestream.
  • Typical delivery within a week.
  • Livepack includes : Hardware unit to encode and transmit, custom designed backpack, dedicated IP address to stream to your Livestream channel, Firewire cable, all 3G/EVDO network contract and charges included in rental price.
  • Optional : External batteries (Up to 3 hours of autonomy)
  • Not included : DV camera, tripod (Inquire for recommendations).
  • Currently available in US only (Inquire for other countries).
  • Up to 1Mbps uplink connectivity


  • Important : The LiveU device is restricted to 1Mbps uplink bandwidth.
  • Important : The LiveU device is restricted to be used only with the Livestream Platform. No LiveU Server software is provided.
  • Month-to-month rental (no commitment) $2,500/month + $2,500 deposit and $800 handling fee.
  • Yearly rental (12 month commitment) $1,500/month + $1,500 deposit and $800 handling fee.
  • For use with Livestream Premium Platform only.
  • Includes 30 hours of streaming uplink time per month - all 3G telecom charges included.
  • Payment method : Visa, Mastercard, AMEX.
  • Deposit : First month payment and one month deposit required before shipping.
  • For more info - Visit the Userguide
  • To order email