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Default Tags and Searches :No results with anything

Been about 2 months now and no matter what I search for in channels both live and most popular nothing is coming up , I can manually enter a channel via the address bar by specifically looking for someones channel ... even clicking on their tags while their stream is running gives me no results despite me knowing their stream is running if anyone else can confirm having this issue its a fairly big one.
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I'm going to have to second this. Before the big outage 2-3 weeks ago it was USUALLY working for me. With occasional times it didn't.

It hasn't worked since. Period. Any time of day. Multiple computers, and web-browsers. Some of which fully cleared.
In short, Livestream original's search seems to be completely broken (rather than the usual mild eraticness).

'Prolly means the search index needs to be rebuilt. Just guessing.
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