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Originally Posted by foxox View Post
Live streams show a single frame of the video which changes every so often and a loading graphic, but nothing ever loads.
This is happening to me. Win 7 64bit. Google Chrome. Noadblock (tried it with and without, without adblock it just shows a blank black screen and with adblock it shows a random still image from the stream every so often). Happening on all streams. Did speedtest at http://newyork.speedtest.net/. 54ps ping. 4.02 Mbps down 3.66Mbps up.
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Unhappy Same issue as above.

I've done pretty much all the fixes I could find on the forums and none seem to work. I've rolled flash back and disabled chrome's flash plugin. I've even gone as far as to factory reset my modem and computer. My laptop with Windows 8 loads streams fine. The computer with the problem is running Windows 7 and it's happening to all streams now. Live streams seem to have a chance of working and not working but its sporadic.
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I've been having this issue since last year's August (made another thread about it too: http://www.livestream.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12961 ). No solution has worked, and I've pretty much quit Livestream because of it.
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loading, spinning wheel, stops loading, viewer not producer

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