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Default Got the same thing

not good when you are trying to broadcast for a client
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Can you let us know when you experienced this issue? Please give us a call or open a support ticket and we can schedule a time to look into it directly to try to replicate what you experienced.

Livestream Support
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Unhappy perfect streaming, just not on my channel

Tonight I tried to show a movie to my friends and it was broadcasting perfectly on my side but the channel was black right off the bat.
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When this occurred, did you look in your studio? Sometimes there can be a 'dead source' in your studio, which shows black instead of the actual broadcast. If this occurs you can just remove the dead source from the sources section of the broadcast live tab in the studio.
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I have been havng issues with my Procaster as well, same as the results as the above responces to the previous complaning users, My Procaster works fine and says that I'm streaming perfectly when on the Mobile setting or an bps average below 500, but for some reason it just shows up on a black screen on my Stream, I even restarted it like I was asked to when I asked for help and that did nothing at all. It only worked ONCE for me at one point when my Caster worked fine, I know I should open a ticket, but if any users around here has solved the issue please contact me through here and we can do a Join.me please please help me out because I hate using Manycam as a last resort.
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we were having the same issues suddenly with one of our channels. When I went live my software said it was streaming perfectly. But on my channel all I saw was a black screen, with the label LIVE so autopilot didn't turn on.
After multiple times restarting my stream, I noticed some times that I saw one frame of my live video in color! But that was for a split second and only happens when the stream started.
I tried to stream on a different channel and that worked immediately. But when I looked at my other stream I noticed that it was still live without even streaming with the procaster software to it.
I went to the livestream studio of my channel and saw that it has a camera input source with black input. I had no idea where that should came from because I wasn't streaming anymore to this channel, so I started my autopilot manually and deleted the camera source in the studio. The I started my live event with procaster, and it worked again!!! YEEEEY!
I hope this can help anyone who is experiencing the same issue! (if you understand my great english typing skills ;-) )
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black screen, not working, updated

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