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Default Deleting Recorded Videos

Hello everyone,

I just got Procaster, and I think it is a great product for sure. Before explaining it to my boss in full, I needed to see it work first, and experience how it works "in full" as well. So I've decided to do a couple test streams for that matter.

After running these tests, which were successful (Procaster definitely impressed me), I found out that they were recorded in the "******" page: the page where the recordings are streamed to, online. I have tried to delete these recordings, since I do not want my viewers to be able to see click-able test recordings, but I cannot seem to figure out how. I just want to delete the test videos on the viewer page.

After looking at the broadcaster options, I found that an auto-record option was check-marked, in the broadcaster "preferences" section. I have unchecked this option, so now my streams wont record automatically, unless I want them to. I just want to get rid of the old "auto-recorded" test videos, so that they don't appear in the viewer page.

Thanks in advance for all the help!

Kind regards,

Mr. Vymapson
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