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Question Livestream Not Playing, Just Loading Circle

I search the forum and came across similar issue and check out all the information in the thread and found it that it was not my anti-virus software that is blocking Livestream.

I have clear my cache.
I have test my network more then it allow for network:
Ping: 36ms, Download: 19.48Mbps, Upload: 20.14Mbps
I have the most up to date version of Flash.
The issues happens in ALL browsers, Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera
It applies to ALL Livestream channels.
I don't have AdBlock
I run Windows 7 64-Bit
It did work fine a week or so ago.
No new software install.

This is what happens, Viewing someone's stream, all it does is show a loading circle and refreshes the image every 30 seconds or so, if I'm lucky, there is no audio.

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