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Originally Posted by benhomer View Post
Please address any abuse report to

Our takedown team will investigate all complaints sent to, whether they are DMCA compliant or not as described in our Zero Tolerance on Piracy policy (

It appears as if the channels referenced have been locked for violating the Livestream Terms of Use.

Livestream Support
Hello benhomer,

as I mentioned in My original post, writing emails to the takedown address is just not effective since the owners of the websites ( and ) Violating your terms of service and breaking the law are simply able to make new livestream channels via your service. The moment the two channels I mentioned in my first post were locked, they created a new channels to embed into their websites:

At the moment both websites are using this same livestream channel, and the moment you lock the channel they will make a new one and continue their illegal activity. As I said before I feel that you are not taking the necessary steps to prevent this from being done. The Violators should be blacklisted and IP banned from using your service. This behavior can very well mean the end of livesteam itself if it is not dealt with. I am giving this fair warning and expect something to be done immediately. Many people rely on your services and I am sure they would be very upset if livestream were to be eliminated due to their lack of control over blatant piracy. I expect much more from the administrators here than the same response I have been getting over and over to report DMCA violations myself. I have given you the names of the two websites responsible for the illegal behavior and expect you and your team to deal with it, I shouldn't have to.

- thank you.
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