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Default Live Streaming Mixtrack Pro Audio

I'm trying to livestream some mixing but I've got an audio problem. The only way for me to broadcast audio is to use the stereo mix. I'm very aware of how to do this but the stereo mix doesn't get any audio since I'm using the sound interface in the Mixtrack Pro.

I have the Mixtrack Pro hooked up via usb, and then my speakers hooked up directly to the Mixtrack. I know that I could just plug my speakers back into my onboard sound card and broadcast audio with stereo mix but then I get issues with volume gain when switching the cue'd deck.

I'd rather just figure out a way to stream audio with the current setup. So I guess something that takes the audio going through that usb connection and puts it through my soundcard. I've messed around with Virtual Cable a bit but haven't found a solution with that either.

Any suggestions?
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