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Originally Posted by jasonlive View Post
To work on mobile, content must be in H.264 video with AAC audio. You can test this by using Procaster, which encodes in this format.

additionally, if you want your broadcast to be much more compatible with smartphone/tablet devices that utilize flash and/or RTSP, i suggest this (applies to those using FMLE):
the audio AAC codec must be set to standard AAC and not HE-AAC.
the profile settings for video content encoded in H.264 must be set to the lowest setting possible (set to baseline & lowest level)
total outgoing bandwidth to LS from you is reflected back to the viewer in the same way, if you are streaming at 1Mbit total to LS, it will be streaming to the viewer at 1Mbit, dont expect it to properly load or play on 3G or less, and in some cases, play for very long as many have bandwidth caps and expensive data overages that may be quickly reached at high bitrates.
a good suggestion is to try and set the lowest acceptable bitrate, frame size and frames per second that will use the least amount of CPU and bandwidth on a users smartphone or tablet.
if all these suggestions are met, the viewer experience on portable/mobile devices will be better, more compatible and the viewer wont be surprised by sudden expensive data overage charges caused by a high bandwidth stream that was viewed for one hour or less.
an example of this would be my live feed,

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