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We are sorry that you experienced any bugs released in the final version, it is impossible for us to have all possible combinations of hardware available on the market. This causes some bugs that some of you are experiencing, but thanks to you submitting the bugs and making the reports, we have fixed the following bugs:
Changelist v20.2.1
-Bug Fix: Side by Side error when starting
-Bug Fix: Combobox Style in Device Configuration Window
-Bug Fix: Sometimes the BlackMagic selection didn't get applied until finished was pressed
-Bug Fix: When the video card or driver doesn't support OpenGL, it will no longer crash
-Bug Fix: Bug with some DirectX 10 cards crashing
-Bug Fix: Filter bug
-Bug Fix: Crash on stopping when recording to local hard drive
-Bug Fix: Crash on start with some devices
-Bug Fix: When you have 2 the same Black Magic cards inserted in your computer, that it crashes sometimes.
-Bug Fix: Possibly fixed the webcam issue with startup
-Bug Fix: Recording gets corrupt and is not being able to play back.
-Bug Fix: Games can now be minimized for longer times with no problems

We won't support GTA: Las Vegas anymore, since it's an DirectX 8 game, we no longer support games lower than DirectX 9.0.

There are still some bugs in the queue and we might ask for more information from you when you still have problems with it.
Again, sorry if you had any troubles with the 20.2.0 version.

You can download the new beta from
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