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spacedogcrew 21st September 2012 04:55

Cpu overkill
Running 4 years old
iMac 32bit 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo,

Procaster runs CPU overkill.
This is not normal.
My Mac can render live Adobe Premiere with effects and color adjustments
and at the same time can't keep up with singe function streaming app?

I am looking at the Procaster System requirements PDF. It states minimum 4GB of RAM.
Come on! I am looking for simple solution to stream small webcam from a bar.
On the other hand - if Procaster was so full-blown application, how come it lacks all the useful features web-studio has?
This just does not come together.

ernielive 24th September 2012 19:05


For systems with less than the required specification, I recommend using Adobe's free streaming software, Flash Media Live Encoder.

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