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jarmolahti 29th August 2012 16:17

Questions from possible users
I have offered possibility to use my new.livesstream producer account with Broadcaster from Open Knowledge Festival in Helsinki:

Organizer asked me:

"How many simultaneous viewers does support?"

And: "As we are organizing an event about open data, should the video files also be available as files encoded perhaps with free codecs?" (Actually I do reallyt not know what they mean with that...)


Shouldn't there be a forum section "Q&A" for new Livestream? And "Discussion"?

ernielive 29th August 2012 17:22


CNet's coverage of Apple's WWDC on New Livestream hit 105,000 concurrent viewers smoothly. We've load tested up to 150,000 without issue as well.

In regards to the second question, for uploads we accept raw or H.264/AAC encoded files at this time.

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