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Kevthemod 13th July 2012 10:21

How to livestream with skype without the people in skype hearing everything I do.
What I want to do is livestream whilst talking to people on Skype.
But no matter what the people in skype would end up hearing everything I do because I need stereo mix on for the people in livestream to hear them.
What is basically want.

1: For the people in my livestream to hear me.
2: for the people in the livestream to hear the people I'm talking to.
2: for the people on skype to hear me.
3: for the people on skype to not hear themselves or any music I play.

I need my microphone on so the people in skype and livestream can hear me, I need stereo mix on so the livestream can hear the people on skype but I also need stereo mix off so the people on skype don't hear themselves and anything i do on my computer.

This is why I wish that everything could be separate and easy to use. Instead it's a big mess with lots of crossovers.

(EDIT) I have fixed this problem now. No need to help anymore.

Richardw93 20th November 2012 10:32

How did you fix this?

Iron_Alpha10 8th June 2013 21:51

Ya , how did you fix this?

j4k50n 9th June 2013 20:24

Get a mixer

Originally Posted by Richardw93 (Post 35652)
How did you fix this?

One of my recommendation is gettinga mixer box.

From your point of view: You can hear the skype and talk to them back via a cheap head set with mic. Therefore you can hear them directly and you can talk to them back.

From the skype caller's point of view: They can talk to you, and also hear your audio back without any other music that you mix in, or hearing themself back.

Now to get the livestream user to hear everything. Get the audio out from yourself, your skype guess and background music all into the mixer. And push the output into your livestream through the black magic box.

I havent tried this format, but should work if you plan it carefully.

Hope this helps


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