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YFFRtv 23rd March 2012 17:53

Desktop Sharing Live with Procaster
How do I share my desktop LIVE using Procaster. I am able to record, save and play later, but not able to share live.THANKS

ernielive 24th March 2012 13:06


When you go live using Procaster, choose 'No Camera' as your input source to immediately start sharing your desktop with your viewers. If you go live with a selected camera source, once live you can choose the 'Screen' option from the Procaster HUD to transition to your desktop from the camera.

aliasgarbabat 5th October 2012 07:44

Most web conferencing tools can help you. You may try the RHUB web conferencing, which allows you to share, record and replay.

kirimasu 26th January 2013 13:49

No Camera Option
When I choose no camera, The screen that appears is completely black and I am only able to see my mouse moving. What can I do to solve the problem?

Am using a mac.

Laura_M 26th January 2013 19:11


This was an issue related to Mountain Lion that has been resolved. Updating to the latest version of Procaster for Mac will fix this issue. You can find the link to install here:

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