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WarriorofZarona 18th March 2012 23:01

Not picking up Roxio Capture
Ever since the new update, I haven't been able to stream any video captured on my Roxio GameCap. I use desktop mode, but even though I see the video on my desktop, on the stream, it is simply a black screen where the video should be captured.

Is this a glitch? It worked before, and now it isn't anymore.

RonaldH 19th March 2012 08:04

@WarriorofZarona on Windows Vista or Higher, leave Aero enabled, on Windows XP you can't change it.
If you said Always to the Aero dialog, you can change it in the procaster settings, you can find it by going to preferences --> Desktop tab --> and change Always in the bottom to never or ask.

Did you have desktop capture enabled when it worked before? What did you change in between sessions?

WarriorofZarona 19th March 2012 20:02

Maybe that was it. I was trying to increase the performance on my computer so I changed my scheme.

But doesn't procaster ask me to switch to a basic scheme? Or was it Aero? I don't remember.

Anyway, I tried it now and it does work with Aero on. Unfortunately, it skips incredibly, but I think that's just the fault on my computer. :/

Any suggestions on increasing performance? I know both Roxio and Procaster are using up ALL my CPU usage, so it makes it really hard to stream any of my PS3 stuff.

RonaldH 20th March 2012 07:51

Procaster does ask you if you want to switch to basic scheme, perhaps you didn't read the question and pressed always in a reflex?

Did it also skip with the previous version of procaster? Could you also say which CPU you have, how much memory and what quality you are trying to stream?


chaosjace 23rd November 2012 16:56

Aero on or off doesn't affect anything
i have changed all the settings and procaster wont pick up roxio

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