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Lillyrosejamie 6th March 2012 07:17

Chat problem!
Hello staff members,

I have a problem with my Livestream Procaster. For some reason my chat panel has disappeared and I can't find it anymore except on my own channel. Does anyone know how I can find my chat panel again?

RonaldH 6th March 2012 08:04

Lillyrosejamie, do you mean on the website or in procaster?

Lillyrosejamie 6th March 2012 08:54

on Procaster itself. I canīt chat like i could before.

RonaldH 6th March 2012 09:13

Could you do the following:
-Close procaster
-Install it.
-Open procaster.

Lillyrosejamie 6th March 2012 12:32

I did everything u told me to but I donīt know if you know what I mean. I mean when Iīm broadcasting I canīt chat unless i go to my channel but in the main menu when you start Procaster itīs there in the chat tab. Did I do something wrong?

mbaron 7th March 2012 11:09


Could you please post a screen shot of the difficulty you are experiencing.

Livestream Support

Lillyrosejamie 7th March 2012 12:20

1 Attachment(s)
Okay I uploaded my screenshot and made a red box in the screenshot to show where my chat panel used to show up so I could chat. First I had some sound problems so I tried some different settings in Preferences and somehow my chat panel disappeared all of a sudden.

mbaron 7th March 2012 16:00

Please try the following:

Go into the Preferences menu --> Desktop --> have "Minimize Window when broadcasting" unchecked

If it is, click on the arrow next to the battery, and then press the Procaster icon.

I hope this helps.

Livestream Support

Lillyrosejamie 9th March 2012 10:31

yes it worked i can finally chat again in my own panel. Thank you very much *hugs* it worked. I'm so happy now ^^ I can finally broadcast and talk to my ppl without going all the way back to

Thanks for helping me out and sorry if I was kind of a bother. You may have encountered this kind of problem to many ppl but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



666zarike 1st December 2012 11:44

Similar problem
Hi, I got a similar problem.
I can select my chat, but the chat box is black, I can right click on it and press reload, but this does nothing.
How can I fix this?

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