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ximenacab 3rd July 2011 23:31

problems logging to twitcam
I have a problem logging to twitcam. I have tried logging into twitcam with different accounts and browers and the problem seems to be my account but I canīt find the solution, i see it in the applications and it has access to my account but when i try to login I only see a white page and if I refresh it I get to a "technical problem" page.
what can i do?

mbaron 5th July 2011 15:48


Could you please let me know your Twitcam name. Also have you previously deleted your Twitter account?

Livestream Producer Support

ximenacab 8th July 2011 16:34

hi my username in twitter is ximenacab. and yes I deleted my account previously...

mbaron 11th July 2011 13:14

When a Twitter account is deleted the integration with Twitcam is broken. At this time it can't be restored.

Livestream Producer Support

molly150 26th February 2014 14:55

plz help me
hi ...i'm from morocco..i want to do a twitcam but
I have a problem logging pleaze help me :'( .

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