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bluelied 3rd November 2009 00:11

Cannot even open procaster...
After (successfully) downloading procaster for my mac, I try to open it and it just says 'You cannot open the application "Livestream Procaster" because it is not supported on this architecture.'

My Mac is an OS X version 10.5.5, so I don't think it's too old to support it. What's wrong here?

cairngormstudios 5th November 2009 15:27

im running 10.5.8 ppc and says the same thing. Hopefully they will fix it!

liorm 5th November 2009 15:32

Hi guys

We do not support PPC. but you might want to try and change use_qt_encoder to true in procaster_global.xml

Lior, Livestream

Electricbrave 14th November 2009 10:05

Mac user and it is not working for iPhone broadcaster
it is telling me this is not supported on my system, and did not open it at all! Is there another application to be downloaded as well? What is sunflower?
my computer said!!!

I downloaded livestreamPodcaster-2.0.10

liorm 16th November 2009 15:14

Hi bluelied

Procaster only works on 10.5 and above of Mac OSX. Sunflower is a driver that allows users to see their speaker's audio as an input audio channel. Google for Sunflower for more explanation

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mschwachter 3rd December 2009 20:31

Crashes instantly
Procaster crashes instantly in both the 64bit and 32bit kernel. Any ideas?

mschwachter 3rd December 2009 20:47

Regarding last post- Here is my crash report

mschwachter 4th December 2009 08:17

Follow up to last post
I removed all add ons for safari but still crashed after first screen. Bummer. Looks like bootcamp for me if I need it that badly. Any other advice?

mschwachter 4th December 2009 08:55

Problem solved
I sytematically removed and then replaced all plug-ins in the /MacHD/Library/Internet plug-ins folder and discovered that SpeedDownload Browser was the culprit. Ok so now what do I do? I love speed download??? Anyway, I hope this helps someone.

rj3494 14th January 2010 09:09

Power PC Support
I notice you do not support PPC. Will you ever support PPC? Do not want to go out and by a new MAC.


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