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iiiiamtrakiiii 7th February 2014 23:31

Understanding the FPS Broadcast Drop
Here is my issue best put into words:
As soon as my channel goes live, I watch as my frame rate falls from 30+ frames to the range of 14.2-14.8 frames. I am not playing any games, just sitting at my desktop and watch as the procaster frame counter falls. I have scoured the forums looking for similar issues and now I am making my own post due to lack of help in understanding why procaster is insistent on broadcasting at 15 frames rather than the 30 I tell it to broadcast at.

Computer Specs:
i7-4770 @ 3.5GHz
EVGA GTX 770 2GB Vid card
Windows 8.1 64bit <---- So other posts have said this OS is the issue. Please confirm.

Procaster Settings:
Resolution: 1280x720
Target Frames: 30
Target Bitrate: 500
Keyframe Intervals: 60

Internet Test (via

As stated above the frame rate likes to steadily fall until it is in the range of 15 frames per second. Once in that range, it remains in that range and refuses to change. No matter what settings I change on the Procaster, the frame rate -always- falls. After an uninstall and reinstall, I still found the issue prevalent as shown by:

I did try installing an older version of Procaster and still got the same issue.

If anyone has any idea why the ideal machine cannot hold over 30 frames, I would like to be informed of my error so I may fix it immediately.

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