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Lilwolfpard 20th January 2014 21:16

Procaster Sound not working
Okay i've been trying to figure this out myself for weeks now and i figure its time i ask here.

I have the most recent version of procaster, because i updated it just a week ago. For some reason my sound is not working when i stream. When i talk it works, and i can hear music, but for some reason my watchers can only hear my voice and not the music im playing on the same computer im streaming on.

I have a Mac, and i have looked into this, so i have gone into my system preferences and changed the output in to AudioRedirector. That fixes the issue where my watchers can listen to the music from my computer, BUT now -i- cant hear the music. It used to be where i could listen to the music while my watchers could too. But now i cant?

I stream drawing art a lot and i like to listen to music while i work, and my watchers like to listen to the music too.

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