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radio36 9th January 2014 20:28

Live transmission stops every 29 minutes
Hello all!, I'm using Procaster to stream my PC desktop but the stream stops every 29 minutes (about 29 min), and I should Stop and "Go Live" to start the transmission again.
Can someone tell me why this happens?
Thank you !

sp1ke77 25th January 2014 15:53

i have the same issue, and i paid for it..
i want my money back or this fixed!!!

bblinder 25th January 2014 16:17


Are you using Procaster on a Mac or a PC? Try going into the Preferences menu, then to the video tab, and uncheck "Device Rate." Then manually select your camera's frame-rate from the dropdown menu.

Next, go int the Desktop top and change the Effect Render Method to "Simple". Save your changes.

sp1ke77 25th January 2014 16:25

I'm using procaster on pc

sp1ke77 25th January 2014 16:28

i've change settings as told.
lets see what happens in 30 minutes...

thanks for the tips

sp1ke77 25th January 2014 16:58

didnt work... same error around 30 minutes

i lowered bitrate to 300, fps to 20...

this is very bad...
i do several 3 hours events... having to do this every 30 minutes when i paid for a basic plan is very bad...

bblinder 25th January 2014 17:08

Hi Isaque,

In that case, I would need to take a look at your logs. Go into the Preferences ---> Video tab ---> select "Save logs."

This will save a zip file to your desktop. Please attach this in an email to Bring it to ATTN: Brandon.

Also, keep in mind that the Basic plan applies to the New Livestream platform, not the Original Livestream:

sp1ke77 25th January 2014 17:17

Logs sent

i just want to do a 2 or 3 hour live event... without interruptions or software crashing...
thats what i paid for.

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