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wolfshead 14th March 2013 23:52

List of Usernames
Ever consider making like this sites very own wikipedia or list of peoples usernames that use this place, so let's say we want to become a mod somewhere or make someone else a mod, and it doesn't work maybe because we don't have the correct username, we could maybe have our very own list of usernames, obviously there'd probably be over 10 thousand users, but that's what alphabetical order is for eh'

It'd be a good way to locate someone, especially those hard to find mods who change there name and never use their real username...not saying anynames...wolfshead xD

yeah, so if you want to make it more private you could probably just input there email in order to find them, a quicker and easier way...and might i add a safer way to keep people they don't want knowing what there username is, away.

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