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jarmolahti 9th March 2013 06:02

Best practises lists to Broadcaster streaming?
Anything like that available somewhere? My experiences from this week:

Was going to live stream from new auditorium of Ministry of Finance. They had only guest wifi available. Broadcaster did not connect with that wifi. So no live stream, only links to recordings later: (first case - in Finnish - crowdsourced movie "Iron Sky" btw).

Same day later I had tests in an international company for possible live stream on next Monday. No IP address with DHCP with Ethernet, and no connection when IPs were given manyally. And no luck with wifi, either. IT support guy said my Broadcaster is broken (and I almost believed him because of my experience just a few hours earlier). So we decided only to record on Monday.

But in the evening same day at home office I tested with my 100 Mbps net connection, and D-Link router. Broadcaster connected ok as well over wifi as with ethernet (DHCP).

This morning I put my Samsung Galaxy S3 (G4) to wlan base station and shared it's 3G HSPA+ net connection to Broadcaster - and did live streaming with HD quality setting. Those short tests are here: (metadata and my voice in Finnish, sorry)

Next week I am planning to live stream from a hotel in Brussels from event like this: and send the url to journalists of relevant Finnish IT/technology newspapers/magazines.

So: any best practices to assure live streaming from different kind of locations/networks? In Brussels Artemis people have promised, that hotel it personnel will help me, too.

jarmolahti 9th March 2013 10:35

Analyzers, hardware of software?
Any pc-software to easyly analyze why Broadcaster cannot get ok connection to Livestream with ethernet even eg. a laptop can? And same with wifi? Or android app for wifi analyzes?

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