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Nuclear_Medicine 19th February 2013 16:43

program crashed after install the update
I was doing fine with the "Livestream Procaster"
today the app ask for update
after downloading and install
I cannot open the program its crash after showing the program small loading box

please help I cannot broadcast anymore

malaquest 19th February 2013 19:29

recent update
Yes it crashed when I did the update also yesterday, I had my old version on a backup drive, I also emailed live stream, no comment from them yet, this happened last year in a middle of a gig, I wish they would test before they offer...good luck Q

ernielive 20th February 2013 13:18


Sorry to hear about the issues you're encountering. Please open a support ticket with the following information:

Operating System
Any Hardware (Camera, capture card, etc) and how it's connected
Screenshot of any error message received

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