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EggheadDash 11th February 2013 15:57

Stream audio source but do not record
Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to stream my mic audio, but do not include it in the file recorded to my desktop. I do Let's Plays on Youtube and I would like to start streaming. However, for the Youtube upload I like to perform audio tweaks after the recording to make sure the game volume isn't too quiet or loud at any one point. If I record the game and voice streams as one compiled file, however, this is impossible.


ernielive 12th February 2013 10:00


While this is not a feature we currently offer, I will provide this idea to our developers for their consideration.

However you can use the audio mixer to adjust your mic/game volume individually, and preview it with the headphone monitor to assure your final recording is as close to perfect as possible.

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