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hhraider 16th January 2013 12:02

Auto-pilot / playlist / live publishing API

Are there any plans to add:

1- an auto-pilot / playlist feature
2- live publishing API

to the New Livestream?

If not, consider this as a feature request :)

ernielive 16th January 2013 14:52


Thanks for the feedback! I'll forward your requests to our development team for consideration. These features will likely come in time, but the requests are beneficial for the team to know what customers are looking forward to.

hhraider 16th January 2013 16:51

That is great news! These are THE features that I'm really (!!) looking forward to
Thank you for the answer

tranquilotv 5th May 2013 19:53

Is auto-pilot ready?
I need to know if Auto-pilot feature is already included in New Livestream, because is the most expected feature for us. A salesman from Lvestream told me that if a buy de Livestream Studio Software, I can add the autopilot, is that really true? Since I need to develop a 24hs a day tv online in the livestream channel, I desperate need it.
Thank you.

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