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victoryharvest 15th January 2013 15:53

Can't Get Livestream For Producers Above 1.5 MB
Hi all! (and hopefully Ernie!)

We've recently had our internet speeds increased dramatically (over 30MB UP, if you can believe it), and I've tested those speeds to a New York server on several times and the hold firm.

When I broadcast on Livestream for Producers, however, even on HD + High + Medium + Mobile, I can't seem to get it to go above 1400 Kbps. It says perfect streaming, CPU doesn't go above 30%, and all the qualities are available on the stream. I'm shooting 1080i 59.9 straight in via thunderbolt- and that setting says it needs at least 4900 Kbps.

Any ideas why it won't go higher?


ernielive 16th January 2013 14:46

Hey victoryharvest!

The bit rate will scale accordingly with what's being encoded. If it's a shot with little or no movement, or a lot of empty space the bit rate will remain fairly low, but spike to the proper bit rate numbers when there's more movement or information to process. Is this in line with what you're seeing?

victoryharvest 18th January 2013 01:52

Hi Ernie!

Thanks for the reply- that's spot on what it was. Ran some more tests with a lot of moving subjects- got 3~4MB up. Thanks! Now we just need a 1080 HD option in Producers!

ernielive 20th January 2013 10:23

Noted your 1080 request.

Glad to be of assistance and happy streaming!

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