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GetmusicTV 8th January 2013 22:11

Basic Production Set-up
Hi there!

I'm Ryan, I represent Getmusic, an Australian website ( run by Universal Music Australia.

We currently have a YouTube account ( whereby we get to interview both local and international artists, and we're hoping to expand to live streaming for performances/special events etc...

Currently we have two Canon 7Ds cameras we'd hope to utilize as streaming cameras as well as a BeachTek audio box & SM58 (2x) that we use in conjunction with the cameras for capturing audio.

I have a little understanding of the streaming process/workflow, but I was hoping someone could recommend some streaming equipment set-ups (basic set-up & advanced set-up) or if possible point me in the direction of some threads which outline some basic set-ups for multiple camera streaming.

Appreciate the help!


ernielive 11th January 2013 14:04

Hi Ryan,

Have you seen our all-in-one encoding solution, the Studio HD500? This along with a few HD-SDI cameras would be a great advanced setup. I don't recommend streaming with 7Ds, but for a more simple HDMI solution you could look into the Blackmagic ATEM TVS.

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