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MonthOLDpickle 24th November 2012 05:04

How do I get it looking nicer?
So I assume free is limited to 500 (496)..but anyways I play on a 1920x1200 resolution. Looking at my channel it only covers 50% of the screen. So basically at full screen its still relatively small...

How do I do this?

ernielive 24th November 2012 19:47

Free channels have no bit rate limit when using Procaster. Could you provide more details regarding your workflow, programs, content, etc?

MonthOLDpickle 25th November 2012 08:55

Podcaster, livestream..any video game (PS2/ WoW).

My internet is 60mb down/12mb down.

Need any more information?

ernielive 27th November 2012 11:45

I reviewed the clips in your Studio and it seems like the entire content of the game is being recorded properly. If you're still experiencing this issue, please create a test broadcast of this behavior and include the permalink for review.

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