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Vaishino 16th November 2012 18:56

Chat Disconnected
This has been happening for a couple of weeks in a row now, on two different streams and with two different browsers, and I don't know how to fix it.

Streams play just fine, but the chat disconnects. An error message pops up in the lower right-hand portion of the window that says " Disconnected. Reconnecting..." with a "try now" option afterward. No matter how many times I let it try to reconnect, it just never does.

Is there like, a port I need to open up or a setting I need to fiddle with to make chat work again?

ernielive 19th November 2012 10:01


Please be sure you are on a dedicated, wired connection with at least 700kbps of upload bandwidth. If you're positive the above could not be causing an issue, please provide the operating system and browser are you running. Please include the full version of your browser. You may also want to try appending the following string to the URL: ?forcetransport=xhr-polling


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